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Jaime O’Brien School of Surf

Welcome to Jaime O’Brien School of Surf

Embracing the essence of surfing's birthplace, Park Shore beckons not only as a wave-catching paradise but also as an unparalleled learning ground. Enter the realm of legendary surfer Jamie O’Brien, celebrated for his bold approach to the sport. Now, he extends his wealth of knowledge, fervor, and seasoned expertise to the shores of Park Shore, imparting the art of surfing in its purest form. Embark on an exclusive surf odyssey—an immersive experience that unveils the vibrant tapestry of Waikiki's unparalleled surf culture.

Jaime O’Brien School of Surf

  • Overview of the J.O.B. Surf School

    Look no further in your quest for the ultimate wave, for your pursuit concludes at one of Waikiki's premier surf academies. Welcome to the School of Surf at Waikiki, an oasis catering to enthusiasts of every skill level, especially novices eager to acquaint themselves with the sport through bespoke guidance and top-tier gear.

    Whether you're stepping onto a surfboard for the first time or an adept sea aficionado, seeking thrill or an immersion into Hawaii's lively surf culture, this venture promises an indelible expedition into the realm of wave-riding. It encapsulates the sheer exhilaration of surfing, fostering a profound reverence for the ocean's magnificence. Brace yourself for an elite surfing experience, under the tutelage of the acclaimed Jamie O'Brien, where knowledge flows from the best to ignite your passion for riding the waves.

    JOB_Surf_EXP_Waikiki_IMG_1797_Tommy Pierucki
  • Jamie O’Brien bio

    Jamie O'Brien, raised overlooking Oahu's famed Pipeline on the North Shore, embarked on a lifelong pursuit of conquering big waves since he began surfing at age three. For over 25 years, he's navigated a career and lifestyle within surfing, securing victories like the Pipeline Masters before evolving into a versatile "free surfer." Renowned globally, Jamie wears many hats, from mentoring and creating content to hosting captivating live shows and inspiring as a public speaker in the world of action sports.

    His unwavering philosophy in surfing revolves around maximizing enjoyment on the finest waves available. Establishing the Jamie O'Brien Experience, a distinctive surf school in the North Shore, epitomized his commitment to sharing his unique surfing style and the exhilaration of riding waves. Now expanding his legacy to Waikiki, Jamie invites enthusiasts to embrace his unparalleled approach to surfing, fostering a profound connection with the sheer thrill and joy of wave riding.

    JOB_Surf_EXP_Waikiki_IMG_3446_Tommy Pierucki
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